Take A Course

There are dozens of courses for academic credit at Georgetown University that are both about and for social justice. These courses cover a wide range of academic departments and programs and can be found in all of Georgetown’s schools. The Center for Social Justice supports students and faculty in integrating social justice research, teaching, and service with classroom learning.

UNXD 130 CBL: Social Action

UNXD 130 is a 1-credit course through which students integrate academic studies of a course in which they are enrolled with their semester-long community engagement/service experience in DC. It was formerly known as the 4th Credit Option for Social Action.

Community-based Learning

Community-based Learning (CBL) is an academic course-based pedagogy that involves student work with disadvantaged and underserved individuals or groups, or organizations working with and for disadvantaged and underserved individuals or groups. The "Community-based Learning" model (often referred to as "service-learning"), attempts to capture Georgetown's central commitment to partnership with community representatives in designing mutually beneficial outcomes for CBL courses. 

Courses about Social Justice

There are numerous courses about social justice and issues related to structural inequalities and their transformation across the University throughout the year. This webpage lists courses commonly taught at the undergraduate level. To have a course added to this list, send an email with the title, course number, professor's name and description of the course to csjweb@georgetown.edu.

UNXP 030-130 CBL: Intersections of Social Justice (summer, online, 1-3 credits)

Intersections puts the "learning" in "experiential learning." Combining experience with sustained reflection and trans-disciplinary content, students in this online summer 1-3 credit course taught by CSJ team members, processes the intersection and integration of the following: research, learning, and service; reflection and action; that which is personal and that which is political; the local and the global; and one’s position in a community and one’s identity as a social actor.

Program on Justice and Peace

The Program on Justice and Peace (JUPS) is a program of study toward a major or minor in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, a minor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and the McDonough School of Business, or a certificate in the School of Foreign Service. JUPS fosters creative and collaborative envisioning to explore complex questions of practical morality and domestic and global politics.

Program in Education, Inquiry, and Justice

The Program in Education, Inqury, and Justice (EDIJ) is a six-course minor in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, which students apply to during the spring of their sophomore year. EDIJ embodies the notion that all service and action should flow from contemplation and inquiry, and adds to the lifelong development of men and women for others. For more information on program events and student spotlights, like EDIJ on Facebook.