HOME Program: Homelessness Outreach | Meals | Education

The HOME Program: Homelessness Outreach | Meals | Education aims to promote human dignity and respect for people experiencing homelessness through awareness-building, advocacy campaigns, and direct service opportunities. HOME coordinates CSJ’s multiple homelessness outreach and education efforts in collaboration with community partners, campus partners, and student organizations.

Video Caption: Georgetown University students, faculty, and staff participants in Hypothermia Outreach for folks experiencing homelessness in the Georgetown neighborhood.

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If you have any questions about the HOME Program: Homelessness Outreach | Meals | Education or additional homelessness outreach opportunities, contact CSJ’s HOME Program Coordinator at homelessness@georgetown.edu.

Hypothermia/Hyperthermia Resources and Numbers

Montgomery County:

Prince George’s County:


Arlington County:

Fairfax County:

Falls Church: