Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service
Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service

CSJ Student Academic Assistants

Program Overview 

CSJ Student Academic Assistants (SAAs) support social justice, community-engaged, and community-based learning courses, research, and scholarly initiatives taught and led by CSJ-affiliated faculty. 

When supporting a course, SAAs complete organizational and logistical tasks to support the course professor, students, and community partners, including but not limited to: entering and organizing course data, sending email and text reminders to students, and professionally communicating with community partners via phone and email. SAAs may also support the academic and reflective components of the course. SAAs are invited to sit-in on at least one class session a week, and can count this time toward their hours. 

When supporting faculty research and/or scholarly project, SAAs may complete a range of activities, tasks, and responsibilities depending on the context of the project. 

While SAAs actively support and regularly communicate with their faculty members, they report to CSJ’s Executive Director, Dr. Andria Wisler, in the Summer 2023 term and in the Fall 2023 term.

Requirements for Students

You must be Federal Work Study eligible and you must allocate your Federal Work Award to this position. The pay rate is $17.00/hr starting July 1, 2023. SAAs typically work 4-8 hours/week during the Fall/Spring semester. During the Summer 2024 term, SAAs work hours will depend on the student’s Federal Work Study allocation.

This is only the third year of SAA role at CSJ. Therefore, we are counting on SAAs to be communicative, committed, and critically reflective to learning on the go and offering constructive feedback that will strengthen the program going forward.

Information for Faculty

Teaching a social justice, community-engaged, or community-based learning (CBL) course? Working on a research project with social justice implications? We invite you to consider having a Student Academic Assistant support your class or research work for 4-8 hours per week. Contact to learn more.