Courses About Social Justice

There are dozens of courses for academic credit at Georgetown that are both about and for social justice. These courses cover a wide range of academic departments and programs and can be found in all of Georgetown’s schools. Below is a representative list of courses on the undergraduate level for students interested in social justice issues from the local to the global. Please note that this is a list of some of the courses offered with content related to social justice. Please contact with any additions.

Fall 2016 

AFAM 206: Race and Racism in American Culture, Professor Robert Patterson
AFAM 215: Black Feminism, Professor Soylca Colbert

AMST 343: College, Culture, and Conflict, Professor Hall Howard
AMST 382: Advertising and Social Change, Professor Stephen Lane

ANTH 206: Media and Global Protest, Professor Amrita Ibraihim
ANTH 215: Anthropology and Youth Culture, Professor Sylvia Onder
ANTH 245: Cultures and Sexuality, Professor Ernesto del Aguila
ANTH 282: Anthropology of Human Rights, Professor Laurie King-Irani

CULP 220: Diplomacy and Culture, Professor Cynthia Schneider

ENGL-187    Post 9/11 Culture, Professor Ellen Gorman
ENGL-202    African Am Lit: 1903-Present, Professor Robert Patterson
ENGL-206    Asian American Lit, Professor Jee Yoon Lee
ENGL-258    Women's Film, Professor Matthew Noble-Olson
ENGL-266    Intro: Environmental Humanities, Professor Dana Luciano
ENGL-270    Disability Studies, Professor Sara Schotland and Libbie Rifkin
ENGL-617    Race, Law & Lit, Professor Christine So

ENST-247: Population, Gender, and Environment, Professor Patricia Biermayr-Janzano
ENST-294: Environment in Africa, Professor Maction Komwa

GBUS-493: Ethical Decision Making for Global Business and Governments, Professor John Kline
GBUS-578: Governance, Transparency, Accountability and Corruption, Professor Dale Murphy

GLOH-504: Introduction to mHealth – Understanding How to Use Mobile Technology in International Health Programming, Professor Kerry Bruce
GLOH-520: Health Policy and Systems, Professor Nuria Homedes

GHDP-622: Field Operations for Humanitarian Assistance, Professor Jerry Montgomery
GHDP-643: Social Protection and Development: Theory and Practice, Professors Laura B. Rawlings and Ana-Maria Arrigada
GHDP-644: Highly Vulnerable Children, Professor Gary Newton

GOVT-219: Prisons and Punishment, Professor Marc Howard
GOVT-225: Race and Ethnicity in the US, Professor Maricella Foster-Molina
GOVT-245: Ethnicity, Race and Nation, Professor Charles King
GOVT-317: Social Movements and Interest Groups, Clyde Wilcox 
GOVT-391: Ethics & Public Policy, TBA 
GOVT-460: Ethical Issues in International Relations, Professor Marilyn McMorrow
GOVT-544: Civil Society and Social Movements, Professor Heba El-Shazli 
GOVT-570: Gender and Conflict Resolution, Professor Seniha Orellana 
GOVT-578: Conflict Resolution in the Former USSR, Professor Kenneth Yalowitz
GOVT-579: Research Design & Conflict Resolution, Professor Molly Inman
GOVT-580: Conflict Resolution Theory, Professor Seniha Orellana
GOVT-587: Transitional Justice: Trials, Purges and Truth Commissions, Professor Charles Villa-Vicencio
GOVT-588: Criminal Law and Conflict Resolution: Victims/Witness/Defendants, Professor Brian Kritz

HEST-170: HIV/AIDS: The Impact of the Epidemic, Professor Maryanne Lachat
HEST-195: Population Health Concepts and Contemporary Issues, Professor Laura Anderko
HEST-355: Health Equity Think Tank, Professors Edilma Yearwood, Christopher King, Brian Floyd, and Ella Heitzler

HESY-160: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Professor Joan Riley
HESY-355: Health In a Free Society, Professor John Kraemer

HIST-362: Topics in Middle East History: Women and violence in the Middle East, Professor Katrina Yeaw
HIST-363: Muslims in the West, Professor Yvonne Haddad
HIST-451: Urban poverty in Latin America, Professor Bryan McCann
HIST-583: Race and History, Professor Marcia Chatelain

INAF-269: What Really Happened in the Camps?, Professor Dennis McManus  
INAF-276: Holocaust by Bullets, Professor Dennis McManus
INAF-431: South Asia: Issues of War/Peace, Professor Touqir Hussain
INAF-438: Religion, Ethics and World Affairs, Professor Timothy B Shah
INAF-487: Poverty and Inequity: Practice and Ethics in Global Development, Professor Katherine Marshall
INAF-488: Future of Islam and Politics in the Middle East Professor John L Esposito, Professor Emad Eldin Ali Shahin

INTH-414: Gender, Health & Development, Professor Alaka M Basu

IPOL-355: Europe & the Israel-Palestine Conflict since 1967, Professor Rory David Miller

JCIV-245    The Arab Spring and Israel, Professor Moran Stern
JCIV-251    Holocaust Literature and Film, Professor Meital Orr
JCIV-269    What Really Happened in the Camps?, Professor Dennis McManus, Professor Patrick Debois
JCIV-276    Holocaust by Bullets, Professor Dennis McManus, Professor Patrick Debois

JUPS-123    Introduction to Justice and Peace, Professor Randall Amster, Elham Atashi
JUPS-202    Non-Violence in Theory and Practice, Professor Mark Lance
JUPS-215    Special Topics: Peace Is Possible, Professor Colman McCarthy
JUPS-271    Conflict Transformation, Professor Elham Atashi
JUPS-288    Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding, Professor TBA
JUPS-299    Research Methods in Justice and Peace, Professor TBA
JUPS-303    Senior Seminar, Professor Randall Amster
JUPS-401    Educating for Protection with Crisis-Affected Populations, Professor Wendy Wheaton, Professor Nina Papadopoulos
JUPS-403    Literature, Media, Social Change, Professor Henry Schwarz
JUPS-408    African Perspectives on Peace, Conflict, and Restorative Justice, Professor Mariam Kurtz

LASP-579    Peace Processes / Post-Conflict Reconstruction in LA, Professor Marc Chernick
LASP-417    Sustainable Development in Latin America, Professor Camille Gaskin-Reyes
LASP-427    Gender and the Environment: Brazil and Central America, Professor Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano
LASP-452    Cine y Política en A.L.:Cambio de Siglo, Professor Roberto Brodsky
LASP-472    Populism & Democracy in Latin America, Professor Hector Schamis
LASP-487    Indigenous Social Movements of Latin America, Professor Kevin Healy

LING-283    Language and Society, Professor TBA
LING-310 Language and Social Justice, Professor Lourdes Ortega 
LING-333    Cross Cultural Communication, Professor Jennifer Sclafani, Deborah Tannen
LING-343    Women, Men, and Language, Professor Jennifer Sclafani

PHIL-105    Bioethics, Professor Anthony Manela
PHIL-112    Gender and Feminism, Professor Alisa Carse
PHIL-113    Just Wars, Professor John Langan
PHIL-129    Ethics: Global Justice, Professor TBA
PHIL-130    Philosophy and the Law. Professor Daniel Threet
PHIL-131    Economic Justice, Professor McKay Holland
PHIL-133    Ethics and Markets, Professor Joshua Mitchell
PHIL-140    Crime and Punishment, Professor Judith Lichtenberg
PHIL-143    Morality and Psychology, Professor Joseph Jebari
PHIL-146    Ethics of Speech, Professor Michael Randall Barnes
PHIL-147    Ethics, Activism & Resistance, Professor Colin Hickey

Course Cluster: Challenges in Childhood and Society
Module 1: PSYC270-01 / UNXP200-01: Principles in Childhood and Society (1 credit)
Module 2: PSYC271 / UNXP201: Community Engagement in Childhood and Society (1 credit)
Module 3: PSYC272 / UNXP202: Policy in Childhood and Society (1 credit)
Module 3: PSYC273 / UNXP203: Contemporary Issues in Childhood and Society (1 credit)

SOCI-132    Immigrants and New Societies, Professor Guillermo Cantor
SOCI-141    Social Innovation, Professor Peter Cookson
SOCI-148    Barack Obama and Race, Professor Michael Dyson
SOCI-154    Sociology of the 1 Percent, Professor Peter Cookson
SOCI-160    Sociology of Sexuality, Professor Kathleen Guidroz
SOCI-161    Gender Roles, Professor C.M. Hall
SOCI-163    Education and Society, Professor Leslie Hinkson  
SOCI-168    Social Entrepreneurship, Professor Sarah Stiles
SOCI-178    Capitalism: Culture, Markets, Power, Professor, Dameon Alexander
SOCI-193    Sociology of Criminal Justice, Professor William McDonald
SOCI-222    Gentrification, Justice, and the Future of Cities, Professor Brian McCabe
SOCI-227    Economy and Society in East Asia, Professor Dennis McNamara
SOCI-240    Poverty and Inequality in America, Professor Lindsay Owens
SOCI-249    Family and Gender in Japan, Professor Anne Imamura
SOCI-274    Environ/Food Justice Movements, Professor Yuki Kato

THEO-076    Religious Ethics and Moral Issues, Professor Terrence Reynolds
THEO-096    The Latino Church Doing Justice, Professor Charles Gonzalez
THEO-114    Reform in Contemporary Islamic Thought, Professor Sophaira Zahid Siddiqui
THEO-121    Catholic Ritual, Spirituality, and Justice, Professor Anne Koester
THEO-122    The Church and the Poor, Professor Raymond Kemp

WGST-140    Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, Professor You-me Park, Professor Bonnie Morris, Professor Emerald Christopher
WGST-141    Introduction to Sexuality Studies, Professor Michelle Ohnona, Professor April, Sizemore-Barber
WGST-200    Feminist Thought I, Professor Elizabeth Velez
WGST-247    Population, Gender, and Environment, Professor Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano
WGST-253    Women's International Human Rights, Professor Sara Omar
WGST-260    Violence, Gender and Human Rights, Professor You-me Park
WGST-266    Women in American Politics, Professor Donna Brazile


Spring 2016

AFAM 210: Black Power and Black Theology Liberation, Professor Terrence Johnson
AFAM 225: Race, Policy, and Administration, Professor Meredith Anderson

BIOL 268: Global Climate Change Ecology, Professor Gina Wimp

CATH 225: Ecology and Catholic Social Thought, Professor Walter Grazer

CULP 222: Media, Arts, and Culture in War and Peace, Professor Honey Al Sayed
CULP 271: Bodies, Technologies & Violence, Professor Kate Chandler
CULP 337: Geopolitics of Population Issues in the EU, Professor Betsi Stephen
CULP 348: The Other: Immigrant Integration, Professor Elzbieta Gozdziak
CULP 354: The Body Gendered and Symbolic Violence, Professor Patricia Reynaud

EDIJ 242 CBL: Educating the Whole Child, Professor Sabrina Wesley-Nero
EDIJ 253: Children with Disabilities, Professor Toby Long

ENGL 187: Post 9/11 Culture, Professor Ellen Gorman
ENGL 203: Black Women Writers, Professor Angelyn Mitchell
ENGL 216: Jewish-American Literature, Professor Jacques Berlinerblau
ENGL 226: Witness Literature, Professor Aminatta Forna
ENGL 227: African-American Poetry, Professor Libbie Rifkin
ENGL 268: Disability and the Arts, Professor Jennifer Fink
ENGL 271: Reading Motherhood, Professors Pamela Fox and Elizabeth Velez
ENGL 292: Writing for a Cause, Professor Dennis Williams
ENGL 297 CBL: Issues in Education, Professor John Hirsh
ENGL 298 CBL: Sursum Corda, Professor John Hirsh
ENGL 336: Problem of the Indian, Professor Dennis Todd
ENGL 387: Modern Literatures of India, Professor Henry Schwarz
ENGL 611: Reading Toni Morrison, Professor Angelyn Mitchell

ENST 350: Gender and Sustainability, Professor Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano
ENST 371: Ocean Law, Development & Global Security, Professor Monica Medina

GOVT 240: Politics of Inequality, Father Matthew Carnes
GOVT 276: Human Rights/International Relations, Professor Marilyn McMorrow
GOVT 303-01 Topics: Catholic Social Teachings, Professor David Golemboski
GOVT 329 Dept Sem: Women and Politics, Professor Michele Swers
GOVT 330 Dept Sem: Democracy and Education, Professor Douglas Reed
GOVT 342 Dept Sem: The Politics of Social Welfare, Father Matthew Carnes
GOVT 342-01 Dept Sem: War & Religion in the Middle East
GOVT 363 Dept Sem: Peacekeeping, Professor Lise Howard
GOVT 398 Dept Sem: Human Rights between East and West, Professor Loubna El Amine
GOVT 439 Dept Sem: Global Climate Change, Professor Jeffry Burnam
GOVT 574: Smaller States and Peacemaking, Professor Alan Tidwell

HEST 112: Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Professor Myrtle McCulloch
HEST 187: The Problem of Suffering: Religious Perspectives

HIST 297: Freedom Struggles: African Diaspora, Professor Maurice Jackson
HIST 414: Resistance and Rebellion in Africa, Professor Meredith McKittrick
HIST 497: African-American Life in Washington DC, Professor Maurice Jackson

HSCI 419: Environmental Justice, Professor Rosemary Sokas

JCIV 138: Theological Implications of the Holocaust, Professor Ori Soltes
JCIV 165: Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews, Professor Anna Sommer Schneider
JCIV 321: History of Peacemaking in the Middle East, Professor Dennis Ross

JUPS 123: Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies, Professor Elham Atashi
JUPS 202: Nonviolence Theory & Practice, Professor Mark Lance
JUPS 224: Labor/Sexuality/Globalization, Professor You-Me Park
JUPS 271: Conflict Transformation, Professor Elham Atashi
JUPS 299: Research Methods in Justice and Peace Studies, Professor Marisa Ensor
JUPS 300: Social Movements, Professor Randall Amster
JUPS 407: Peace Education, Professor Marisa Ensor
JUPS 410: Immigration & Social Justice, Professor Diana Guelespe 
JUPS 411:Contemporary Issues: Truth & Reconciliation, Professor Joe Napolitano 

LASP 421: Violence and Political Change in the Andes

LING 283: Language and Society
LING 333: Cross Cultural Communication
LING 343: Women, Men, and Language
LING 380: Language and Politics

MGMT 278: Courage and Moral Leadership, Professor Robert Bies 

PHIL 105: Ethics: Bioethics
PHIL 113: Ethics: Just Wars
PHIL 115: Oppression & Justice
PHIL 124: Ethics: The Environment
PHIL 128: Ethics: Intersecting Identities
PHIL 175: Philosophy of Race

STIA 345: Social Innovation @ Scale
STIA 352: Dev: Theory to Practice
STIA 354: War, Trauma, and Recovery

SOCI 133: Race, Society, and Cinema
SOCI 154: Sociology of the One Percent
SOCI 157: Global Power Elites
SOCI 209: The City/Urban Studies
SOCI 215: American Cultures & Social Structures
SOCI 220: Global Inequalities
SOCI 223: Public Housing: Theory & Practice
SOCI 244: Engaging Difference: Race, Ethnicity, and Intergroup Dialogue

THEO 032: Religious Identity and Pluralism

WGST 238: Gender, Race, and Feminism
WGST 350: Gender and Sustainability

Fall 2015

AFAM 206: Race & Racism in American Culture, Professor Robert Patterson

AMST 343: College, Culture & Conflict, Professor Hall Howard 
AMST 382: Advertising & Social Change, Professor Stephen Lane

BIO 261: Science & Society: Global Challenges, Professor Francis Slakey

BADM 101-08: Wall Street & Main Street: The Wealth Divide, Professor Lynn Doran

CATH 111: Think, Pray, Love: Introduction to Catholic Traditions, Professor Brian McDermott
CATH 113: Agitators, Pastors, Organizers, Professor Drew Christiansen

CULP 282: World Literature with Religious Dimension, Professor Paul Elie
CULP 358: Cartography and Social Justice, Professor S. Kruper

EDIJ 156: Philosophy of Education, Professor Sabrina Welsey-Nero

ENGL 209: Native American Literature, Professor Lisbeth Fuisz
ENGL 242: Literary Representations of the City, Professor Sherry Linkon
ENGL 266: Introduction to Environmental Humanities, Professor Dana Luciano
ENGL 270: Disability Studies, Professor Sarah Schotland
ENGL 293: Narratives of Migration, Professor Patricia O’Connor
ENGL 296: Reading, Teaching, Social Reflection, Professor John Hirsh
ENGL 299: Washington Confidential, Professor Maureen Corrigan
ENGL 406: Race, Law, & Literature, Professor Christine So

ENST 370: Oceans, Professor Thomas Cronin

GOVT 219: Prisons and Punishment, Professor Marc Howard

HEST 112: Nutrition & Disease Prevention, Professor Myrtle McCulloch
HEST 187: Problem of Suffering: Religious Perspectives, Professor James Addison

HIST 186: Socialism, Professor Michael Kazin
HIST 199: History of the Civil Rights Movements, Professor Marcia Chatelain
HIST 204: Global History of Climate Change, Professor TBA
HIST 313: Violence in East & Central Africa, Professor Kathryn de Luna

JCIV 236: Holocaust Voices: Autobiography, Father Dennis McManu
JCIV 269: What Really Happened in the Camps? Father Dennis McManus & Father Patrick Desbois

JUPS 123: Introduction to Justice & Peace, Professors Randall Amster & Elham Atashi
JUPS 202: Nonviolence Theory & Practice, Professor Mark Lance
JUPS 215:  Special Topics: Peace is Possible, Professor Colman McCarthy
JUPS 260: Violence/Gender/Human Rights, Professor You-me Park
JUPS 271: Conflict Transformation, Professor Elham Atashi
JUPS 299: CBL: Research Methods in JUPS, Professor Andria Wisler
JUPS 303: Senior Seminar in Justice and Peace Studies, Professor Randall Amster
JUPS 380: Consumer Culture: Commodification, Professor Kerry Blair Danner-McDonald
JUPS 403: Literature, Media, and Social Change, Professor Henry Schwarz
JUPS 408: Transnational Perspectives: Conflict & Justice, TBA

LASP 427: Gender & Environment: Latin America, Professor Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano
LASP 487: Indigenous Movements of Latin America, Professor Kevin Healy

LING 352: Foundations of Multicultural Education, Professor Emma Violand-Sanchez

PHIL 112: Ethics & Feminism, Professor Alisa Carse
PHIL 113: Just Wars, Professor John Langan
PHIL 124: Ethics: The Environment, Professor John Olsen
PHIL 129: Ethics: Global Justice, Professor Colin Hickey

STIA 341: Global Health Politics & Policy, Professor Emily Mendenhall
STIA 356: Global Health & Humanitarianism, Professor Elzbieta Gozdziak
STIA 380: The Future of Food, Professor Mark Giordano

SOCI 132: Immigrants and New Societies, Professor Guillermo Cantor
SOCI 139: Race, Color & Culture, Professor Timothy Wickham-Crowley
SOCI 142: Black Death: Slavery to Michael Brown, Professor Michael Dyson
SOCI 161: Sociology of Gender, Professor Kathleen Guidroz
SOCI 163: Education & Society, Leslie Hinkson
SOCI 191: Interpersonal Violence, Professor Kathleen Guidroz
SOCI 193: Sociology of Criminal Justice, Professor William McDonald
SOCI 222: Gentrification/Justice/Cities, Professor Brian McCabe

THEO 081: Justice & Social Ethics Today, Professor Matthew Tapie
THEO 096: Latino Church Doing Justice, Professor Charles Gonzalez
THEO 121: Catholic Ritual, Spirituality, and Justice, Professor Anne Koester
THEO 122: The Church & the Poor, Father Raymond Kemp
THEO 141: Virtues and Social Justice, Professor Kerry Blair Danner-McDonald
THEO 157: Religion & Violence, Father Leo Lefebure
THEO 171: Liberation Theologies in the USA, Professor Akintude Akinada
THEO 211: Religion & Disability Studies, Professor Julia Watts Belser

WGST 222: Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault, Professor Laura Kovach
WGST 233: Gender, Sexuality, & AIDS, Professor TBA

Summer 2015

ANTH 280: Urban Anthropology, Professor Laurie King-Irani

ENGL 246: Cultural Representations: War & Terrorism, Professor Ellen Gorman

HEST 112: Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Professor Kari Leland
HEST 187: Problem of Suffering: Religious Perspectives, Professor James R. Addison

JUPS 123: Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies, Professor Elham Atashi
JUPS 202: Nonviolence Theory and Practice, Professor Randall Amster

SOCI 022: Social Problems, Professor Arthur Piszczatowski
SOCI 155: Social Movements, ProfessorArthur Piszczatowski

THEO 125: Islam & Human Rights, Professor Ayman Shabana
THEO 157: Religion & Violence, Professor Akintunde Akinade

WGST 238: Race, Class, and Feminism, Professor Emerald Christopher