Street Outreach

The Street Outreach team is a passionate group of volunteers who visit encampments around DC throughout the week to help the unsheltered individuals staying there with any resources, such as snacks, water bottles, tents, etc. that they need. The goal is to form regular relationships with unsheltered individuals.

Fall 2022 Street Outreach Team Coordinator

I am Kush Modi, a sophomore pre-med in the College majoring in Biology and minoring in Economics. I am currently serving as the Street Outreach Coordinator for the HOME program during the academic year 2022-23. It is an honor to be a part of the HOME organization, which provides me the avenue to step out of my comfort zone in the posh neighborhood of Georgetown, and help the unhoused individuals in parts of DC where most of the encampments really are. Other than HOME, I am also involved on campus as the director / founder of the National Alzheimer’s Buddies (NAB) chapter at Georgetown University, and I also research Parkinson’s in the KMZ lab. Lastly, an ice-cream flavor that would describe me would be peppermint chip.”