Intersections of Social Justice is a field-based online learning opportunity offered through Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice. During the Georgetown University Summer School cross-section term, students in UNXD 030-130: CBL Intersections of Social Justice earn 1, 2, or 3 credits that wraps around their community/social justice-based work (10-30 hours/week) at community-based sites around the world. Intersections students engage in community-based learning and reflective practice in virtual collaboration with a tight-knit learning cohort.

Our History so far - Intersections 2015 - 2017

Intersections of Social Justice was piloted in summer 2015 with 11 students learning across 10 time zones and in summer 2016 with 14 students learning across 7 time zones with 3 professors engaging in a diversity of community-based work, from researching road safety in Tanzania, to boxing for empowerment in Berlin, to teaching English in Romania, to canvassing for worker justice in Washington, DC. These Intersections communities engaged in 8 weeks of reflection rooted in community-based experiences. Students enrolled in up to three of the 2-week 1-credit modules offered in addition to the 8-weeks baseline of reflection.

Intersections 2015 was made possible by a Future(s) of the University ITEL grant. Watch a short video describing the Intersections pilot and another short video reflecting on Summer 2015. Read about Intersections 2015 in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Prospect Magazine (page 8), and in the ITEL 2015 report (page 11).

Join us this summer! Intersections 2018

Intersections 2018 will occur June 4, 2018 - July 27, 2018 online in the learning platform, CANVAS. The six 1-credit, 2-week modules available are listed below. Students can take 1 module (1 credit) in each block (A, B, C) for up to 3 credits. Students must take at least 1 module. Explore the UNXD-030-130 Intersections curriculum for Summer 2018

June 4 - July 27
Reflection Arc with Kyra Hanlon

A: June 11 - June 24
A1: Conflict Analysis and Mapping with Dr. Michael Loadenthal
A2: Rhetoric of Social Protest and Social Justice with Dr. Jennifer Grubbs

B: June 25 - July 8
B1: Peace Education with Professor Sara Williams
B2: Research Methods for Social Justice with Dr. Michael Loadenthal

C: July 9 - July 22
C1: Cultural Humility in Social Justice with Professor Amanda Munroe
C2: Culturally Responsive Evaluation with Dr. Jennifer Rosales

Explore these webpages for more information about Intersections 2018. Click through the links below, or reach out to CSJ's Assistant Director for Social Justice Curriculum and Pedagogy, Amanda Munroe.

All Students: Apply for Summer 2018 

If you are a Georgetown undergraduate OR an undergraduate at another institution interested in earning Georgetown University credit through UNXD 030-130 Intersections, fill out this Interest Form. You will be contacted and then directed on how to register for the course.  

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