The application for Fall 2019-Spring 2020 ABSO positions ARE now available!

The deadline to submit your application is Monday, April 8 by 11:59PM.

Our Model

The Advisory Board for Student Organizations (ABSO) is an advisory and funding board of the Center for Social Justice that works to support the missions of student organizations under the CSJ’s purview. The board is composed of 10-14 students, and 2 faculty or staff members. ABSO oversees, facilitates, and provides resources to student-run social justice service activities, student advocacy, and community involvement activities at Georgetown. ABSO is responsible for advising student organization leaders on programming and budgeting, and serves as a resource for understanding university policy. ABSO also reviews and approves budgets for CSJ student groups each year. 

Opportunities to Get Involved

As a member of CSJ's ABSO, a student advisor commits to serving both the student organizations and fellow ABSO members. An advisor spends between 3-8 hours a week committed to ABSO, including the full advisory board weekly meeting, and work for their specific position. All ABSO members serve as advisors for 3-5 student organizations and are responsible for connecting with the student organization’s leadership team to serve as a liaison between the student organization and ABSO. Interested students should contact

Resources for CSJ Student Organizations

ABSO Funding Policies

Please click here to view a copy of ABSO’s FY19 funding policies.

Just Do It Training

All student organization presidents and treasurers are required to attend the Blueprint Training one time per academic year. The training is good for one academic year. All new student organization presidents and treasurers must attend the Blueprint Training (even if the former president or treasurer attended the previous semester). Student organizations register for Blueprint via Hoyalink at the beginning of the semester. An e-mail is sent to all student organization leaders indicating how to register for the training. Questions regarding Blueprint Training can be directed to CSJ ABSO.

Protection of Minors Training

Members of student organizations which work with children under 18 are required to attend a Protection of Minors training. Sign up here for CSJ’s Protection of Minors training.

CSJ ABSO falls under Georgetown University's Protection of Minors policy.

Appeals Process

Student organizations may submit an appeal regarding decisions reached by ABSO to the Executive Director of CSJ and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Please click here for information regarding the appeals process.

ABSO Staff Members

Photograph of Phylander R. PannellPhylander R. Pannell

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Phylander R. Pannell is the Director of Georgetown Event Management Services at Georgetown University. During her 16 years at Georgetown, she has served in numerous roles at the university in three different departments, the School of Foreign Service, University Services and the Division of Student Affairs. She received her B.A. undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Phylander enjoys reading, crafting and proudly serves in several ministries at Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Photograph of Marcus Board wearing a grey suit, outdoor shotDr. Marcus Board

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Dr. Board is an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Georgetown University. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in the Department of Political Science, where he also earned an MA in 2011, and has a second MA in Social Sciences. Dr. Board earned his BA in Africana Studies and Political Science from the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2007.
His dissertation research is a reconsideration of the political engagement beyond a paradigm of observable action, instead looking towards decision-making within externally framed contexts. Specifically, Dr. Board's theoretical claims utilize qualitative and quantitative data analyses to examine interrelated responses to political and labor markets towards a better understanding of self-determination and its role in facilitating or inhibiting autonomy. His future research will emphasize the significance of maintaining a notion of justice that super-cedes and in many ways negates notions of equality while also upholding egalitarianism. More specifically, Dr. Board is interested in the ways that government and social services can be disproportionately allocated for select groups on the basis of race, gender, and sexuality, and how these allocations require a reconsideration of capitalism and neoliberalism in order to be both legitimate and viable.

ABSO Meeting Minutes


Students sit around a table

CSJ's Advisory Board for Student Organization meetings are held every Tuesday during Fall 2018 from 6:30PM-8:00PM in the Center for Social Justice located in Poulton Hall. Meetings and minutes are open to the public. 


2017-2018 Minutes          

2018-2019 Minutes