CSJ News

a weekly newsletter of the Center for Social Justice

CSJ News is a weekly newsletter of the Center for Social Justice. It is typically published on Wednesday evening of weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters. To access a past edition of CSJ News, click on the link below. To make a request to have your announcement added to CSJ News, please email pertinent information (including date, time, location, contact information for information/accommodations, etc.) to Dr. Andria Wisler by 12:00pm Wednesday. 

CSJ News, Wednesday, January 4 (first of Spring 2017 semester)

CSJ Spring 2017 Opportunities (emailed to all GU undergraduates on Tuesday, January 10, 2017)

CSJ News, Wednesday, January 11 (first day of the semester)

Email about Inauguration Day, sent to students on Friday, January 13 

CSJ News, Wednesday, January 18 

Information for Inauguration Resistance and Protest

CSJ News, Wednesday, February 3

CSJ Broadcast email about Social Justice Week, sent to GU community on Thursday, February 9

CSJ News, Sunday, March 12 - post-Spring Break edition

CSJ News, Sunday, March 19

CSJ News, Friday, March 31

CSJ News, Friday, April 7

CSJ News, Friday, April 29