In collaboration with diverse campus and community partners, CSJ coordinates Education Week to raise awareness about both the challenges and celebrations within the current field of education. 

Education Week 2018 

(* denotes pre-registration requested)

Monday, October 22

11:45 am - 1:00 pm Acing the Teaching Demonstration

Attention all students interested in teaching! Do you need help with how to start preparing for a demo lesson as part of your interview? If so, come to this workshop, where you can discover how to prepare for the all-important demo lesson, what principals/talent directors are looking for, and what to expect - especially if you have limited experience. Hosted by Cawley Career Education Center. RSVP at  

Monday, October 22

2:00 - 4:00pm: CSJ ABCs at the Center for Social Justice in 130 Poulton Hall

We invite all of our current CSJ coordinators, tutors, and mentors to celebrate their community-based work at our monthly CSJ ABCs, featuring caramel-Apples and toppings, Button-Making, and Community. Folks interested in learning more about CSJ always welcome!

Tuesday, October 23

* 12:00 - 1:15 pm with light lunch: CSJ Workshop: An Introduction to Working with Students with Disabilities with Amy Mullarkey in Linguistics Conference Room on 2nd floor of Poulton Hall

This workshop will provide a brief overview of disability law and inclusive strategies when working with students with disabilities. With light lunch! Please tell us you are coming

Tuesday, October 23

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Interviewing 101

Students interested in a career in education often have questions about how the interview differs from other industries. Come to this session to tackle an assortment of interview questions provided by schools in a low-pressure environment with other candidates, and see for yourself how to prepare for an interview in the field of education. Hosted by Cawley Career Education Center. RSVP at


Wednesday, October 24 - Consciousness at the Margins series

* 9:00-10:30am: Breakfast salon with Professor Donaldo Macedo, Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Education at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, on Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire at the Faculty Club in Leavey Center

Georgetown graduate students, faculty, and staff members - please read invitation and RSVP here

* 4:00 - 5:30pm, with reception to follow: Critical Educators’ Recusal to De-Guccify:  Anti-Praxis in Situated Written Critical Discourse by Professor Donaldo Macedo, Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Education at the University of Massachusetts at Boston in Arrupe Multipurpose Room in Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Residence Hall 
Introduction by Senior Associate Dean Adanna Johnson

Professor Macedo who will give a 25-minute talk about his research on critical theory and pedagogy as it relates to deconstructing the contradictions between social justice discourse and praxis among educators. For example, he will deconstruct the contradiction inherent in the denouncement of neoliberalism and racism at the level of words devoid of the necessary action. Dr. Macedo has been a central figure in the field of critical pedagogy for more than 20 years. His work with Paulo Freire, author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, broke new theoretical ground, as it helped to develop a critical understanding of the ways in which language, power, and culture contribute to the positioning and formation of human experience and learning. Macedo was Freire’s chief translator and English language interpreter. His published dialogues with Paulo Freire are considered classic works not only for their elucidation of Freire’s theories of literacy but also for adding a more critical and theoretically advanced dimension to the study of literacy and critical pedagogy. Macedo’s and Freire’s coauthored book, Literacy: Reading the World and the Word, is central to critical literacy in that it redefines the very nature and terrain of literacy and critical pedagogy.

Responses will be offered by Georgetown Professors Fida Adely, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, and Nicholas Subtirelu, Linguistics Department and followed by questions from the audience.

This event is open to all - please RSVP here.

Thursday, October 25

* 3:00 - 5:00pm: Postgraduate Opportunities in Teaching and Education Fair at the Cawley Career Education Center on the first floor of Leavey Center

* 5:00 - 6:00pm: Postgraduate Opportunities in Teaching and Education Panel at the Cawley Career Education Center on the first floor of Leavey Center

Join us for a combined mini information fair followed by a panel discussion with partners in the field of education. Informal Q&A will follow the panel. Confirmed participants include Urban Teachers, KIPP DC, Inspired Teaching, Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), Teach for America, and Georgetown's Masters in Educational Transformation.

These events are co-sponsored with the Cawley Career Education Center and Program on Education, Inquiry, and Justice. This event is part of CSJ's annual Options Series. Please RSVP for these and other Options Series events

Friday, October 26

12-2pm: Identity, Equity & Access in Education Speaker Series Car Barn 203

Hosted by the Masters in Educational Transformation Program. Qs to Christa Pluff.

The Epistemology of White Supremacy & Privilege: In this talk, William Ming Liu of the University of Maryland, College Park discusses the pervasiveness of White supremacy and White privilege in education, and how they operate in our classrooms. He suggests that current practices favor color-blind strategies, thus continuously recreating and recentering the classroom as a White cultural and physical space.
Race Radicalism in Research, Policy & Practice: Premised on the notion that we live in a social and educational system based on structural racism and global capitalism, this talk by Edwin Mayorga contemplates race radicalism as practices of antiracist thinking, struggle, and politics in urban educational research, policy, and pedagogy. Drawing from his own work in Philadelphia, Mayorga will provide a race radical mapping of processes of dominance and sobrevivencia in cities and urban schools as a means of moving toward collective justice and liberation.

* 3:30 - 4:45pm: CSJ Workshop: African American Language: From the Community to the Classroom with Minnie Quartey at Healey Family Student Center Social Room

This workshop will explore African American Language (AAL) and some of its linguistic features. We will examine written data from AAL speakers and learn to differentiate between grammatical errors and codeswitching in the students' writing. We will also discuss the effects of linguistic discrimination in the classroom and highlight some linguistic intervention programs that have helped speakers excel in the educational arena. Ultimately this workshop is meant to serve as an introduction to African American Language, but there will be time for questions so other topics may be delved into more deeply.

With snacks! Please tell us you are coming

* 5:00 - 6:15pm: Education Week Reflection Dinner, Healey Family Student Center Social Room

Enjoy community, Qdoba dinner, and reflection. Please let us know you are coming so that we can order the appropriate amount of food

Questions about CSJ's Education Week events can be directed to CSJ's Operations Officer, Caitlin MillerTo request accommodations related to a disability for any event below, we kindly ask that you fill out this form or contact A good faith effort will be made to meet requests made with 5 business days notice.