Deep disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary inquiry is essential to social justice. In community-based learning and UNXD 130 Social Action courses, work in and with the community is a core part of student course work.

The Center for Social Justice supports the integration of rigorous disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study with work by offering courses and facilitating collaboration among diverse faculty and community members. Social justice curriculum and pedagogy promote student engagement with experiences and academic inquiry into social justice.

CBL: Social Action

UNXD 130 CBL: Social Action is a 1-credit, community-based learning (CBL) course through CSJ. Students link a course in which they are enrolled with community-based service and social justice work through reflection. This course was previously known as the 4th Credit Option for Social Action.

CBL: Intersections of Social Justice (Summer, Online, 1-3 credits)

Intersections of Social Justice is an intensive 8-week online course for students doing community-based social justice work in June and July. Integrating course content with community-based work, students learn and immediately apply core theories and skills for social justice work. At the same time, students learn with each other through reflection-based learning activities and digital media. Intersections puts the "learning" in "experiential learning." Students may elect to enroll for 1, 2, or 3 credits total.

Community-based Learning Courses

Community-Based Learning (CBL) at Georgetown University is an academic course-based pedagogy that involves student work with disadvantaged and underserved individuals or groups, or organizations working with and for disadvantaged and underserved individuals or groups. This form of learning is often called "service-learning." The Community-based Learning model attempts to capture Georgetown's central commitment to partnership with community representatives in designing mutually beneficial outcomes for CBL courses. Approximately 40 undergraduate CBL courses are offered during the academic year (fall, spring, summer) across all four undergraduate schools and School of Continuing Studies.

Community Social Justice Bus Tours

CSJ can help arrange an immersive social justice bus tour of Washington, DC with experienced tour guides for a Georgetown University courses. The tour serves as an introduction to DC’s rich social justice history as well as the city's current challenges around inequality and inequity. 

MLK Curriculum Project: "Teach the Speech"

CSJ supports Georgetown’s “Let Freedom Ring!” Initiative in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through the cross-campus MLK Curriculum Project - “Teach the Speech" - in partnership with the Provost's Office. One of Dr. King's texts is spotlighted across campuses during the Spring semester. Faculty have integrated King’s speeches including “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” “The Other America,” and "Beyond Vietnam" into their diverse curricula across five campuses. CSJ creates supplementary resources to assist faculty in weaving these texts into their courses. For more information and resources on this project, contact CSJ's Executive Director, Dr. Andria Wisler

Social Justice Curriculum Infusion

CSJ staff members welcome the opportunity to meet with GU community members, including faculty and staff, to discuss ways in which social justice themes, speakers and inquiries can be infused into a wide spectrum of courses and programs. CSJ can offer pedagogical, assessment and content-based resources as well as provide introductions to appropriate social justice speakers and partners locally and globally. To schedule a meeting, contact CSJ’s Assistant Director for Social Justice Curriculum & Pedagogy, Amanda Munroe