The Center for Social Justice hosts a wide variety of programming through which students, faculty, and staff can engage in service, activism, advocacy and community-based learning and research with local and global communities. 


CSJ offers a diverse array of opportunities to engage in service in Washington, DC, nationally and globally. These options range from a weekly commitment throughout the semester, to volunteering for the summer, to serving for a week or a day.


While all CSJ programs are committed to advocacy, there are particular projects and organizations within the Center whose work is specifically focused on increasing awareness and support of certain social justice issues. By raising awareness of pertinent issues, CSJ and its students seek to promote a culture of equality and justice.

Tutor and Mentor

CSJ offers diverse opportunities for undergraduates to tutor and mentor youth and adults at a deep, direct and meaningful level of engagement.

Join a CSJ Student Organization

CSJ grants access to benefits to over 35 student organizations that work in the Washington, DC, national, and global communities. These organizations are diverse in their strategies, ranging from tutoring and mentoring DC youth on a weekly basis to organizing large-scale awareness campaigns on GU’s campus.


All of CSJ's programs are, at their heart, student-led. CSJ's student leaders coordinate, direct and manage programs, working closely with CSJ staff, community members, and Georgetown students to create responsive, innovative programming. 

Apply for Funding

CSJ is committed to making social justice engagement accessible to all students. For this reason, CSJ provides opportunities for students to serve and research that are fully funded. From conducting research abroad, to serving on an Alternative Breaks trip, CSJ provides diverse funding opportunities for GU undergraduates.

Take a Course

There are numerous opportunities at Georgetown to academically pursue social justice in the classroom as course content and course pedagogy. Read more about Community-based Learning (CBL) courses and UNXD 130, and peruse a list of regularly offered undergraduate courses on social justice at Georgetown.

Do Research

Research is one of the three pillars of CSJ’s mission. Social justice research has the potential through its direct application to aid in resolving concrete social problems, organizing social change efforts, influencing public policy, meeting community-based needs, and transforming institutions. In collaboration with its partners, CSJ offers several avenues through which students can enact their social justice commitment through research.


While the CSJ supports the MoveOut Drive each year, we realize there are other times during the year that you may want to donate your personal items. There are many organizations in the Washington, DC area that accept donations for those in need. Whether you have a few extra books or a room full of items to give away at the end of the semester, there's a community organization that can take your gently used goods. View a list of organizations that accept donations, how to contact these organizations, and how to donate your items.