Curricular initiatives of the Center for Social Justice are designed to animate Georgetown University’s missional commitments to educating “reflective lifelong learners, to be responsible and active participants in civic life and to live generously in service to others…founded on the principle that serious and sustained discourse among people of different faiths, cultures, and beliefs promotes intellectual, ethical and spiritual understanding.”

CSJ works with students, faculty, and community partners to integrate experiential learning with academic learning through a critically reflective, social justice lens.

Learn more by following the links below or by reaching out to CSJ’s Associate Director for Mission Curricular Integration by e-mail at

Finding & Enrolling in Social Justice Courses

Social Justice and Reflection: Students can gain academic credit by reflecting on service in community through a critical lens by enrolling in one of CSJ’s experience-wrapping pass/fail courses: Intersections and Social Action.  

Community-Based Learning (CBL) Courses: CBL courses are offered in partnership with community-based organizations that support underserved populations. These community partners collaborate with Georgetown faculty and CSJ to develop course activities that meet both student learning objectives and community-identified needs.

A Jesuit and Catholic University, Georgetown offers a tremendous depth and breadth of learning opportunities for students to explore and grapple with social justice within and across academic disciplines.

Not sure where to start, or ready to go deeper than you’ve gone so far? Keep scrolling for a how-to on enrolling in CSJ-affiliated CBL and critical reflection courses. Or, write to to set up a 1:1 meeting time to discuss your interests and goals.

Critical Reflection 1-Credit Wrap-Arounds are offered in person on campus during the school year and online during the summer. Follow these links to learn more and register: 

UNXD 130: Social Action (fall and spring semesters, main campus) 

UNXP 030: Intersections of Social Justice (summer or CALL semester, online)

Community-based Learning Courses are listed each semester on CSJ’s website [link]. Students can search for CBL courses in MyAccess by selecting “community-based learning” as a filter in the “attribute type” menu: 

CBL Courses

The CBL Course Attribute

Courses taught in partnership with community-based organizations must work with the CSJ to receive the Community-Based Learning Course Attribute in the CourseLeaf/MyAccess systems.

The CBL Course Attribute signifies that a course:

1) has been designed in collaboration with a community partner(s) in a spirit of reciprocity, such that
2) student learning objectives are met in a way that responds to community-identified goals, and
3) the course involves significant, critical reflection on the intersections of experiential fieldwork, classroom learning, and systems of oppression and liberation 

To learn more about the CBL Course Attribute, reach out for a 1:1 meeting with CSJ’s Associate Director for Mission Curricular Integration at

Center for Social Justice Course Design Cohort

More information coming soon. Contact with any inquiries.

Community-Based Organizations interested in collaboration

Do you represent a community-based organization looking to partner with Georgetown CSJ? Here are a few helpful ways to start:

Requirements for community partnerships:

  • Community-based work should meet both the needs of the CBO and the learning outcome goals of the course.
  • Community-based work should be in direct service, policy analysis, research, and/or advocacy work.
  • Community-based work should engage the student with individuals or communities of need and with issues related to social justice, community development and/or access to basic human needs and resources.
  • Community work must be performed over the course of the semester.

Reach out to Amanda Munroe if you are interested in working with CSJ as a community partner for this or other engagement opportunities.

Organizations looking for individual student interns can enter information directly through the Cawley Career Center platform for employers.

Organizations looking to partner with Georgetown CSJ on a course-based project or similar initiative can reach out to CSJ’s mission integration team at:

Organizations wishing to share events and opportunities can email

Ignatian Pedagogy and Magis Experiences

In collaboration with campus partners like CNDLS and the Office of Mission and Ministry, CSJ supports faculty and staff interested in Georgetown’s Catholic and Jesuit identity. Examples include facilitating workshops at campus events like SOIC and TLISI, organizing missional excursions and immersions around social justice themes, and working 1:1 with individual faculty, offices, programs, or departments to take a mission-integration approach to their work. Reach out to CSJ’s Associate Director, Mission Curricular Integration for more information:

MLK Curriculum Project: "Teach the Speech"

CSJ supports Georgetown’s “Let Freedom Ring!” Initiative in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through the cross-campus MLK Curriculum Project - “Teach the Speech" - in partnership with the Provost's Office and Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship. One of Dr. King's texts is spotlighted across campuses during the Spring semester. Faculty have integrated King’s speeches including “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” “The Other America,” and "Beyond Vietnam" into their diverse curricula across five campuses. CSJ creates supplementary resources to assist faculty in weaving these texts into their courses. For more information and resources on this project, contact CSJ's Executive Director, Dr. Andria Wisler.




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