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Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service

Virtual Poster Presentations

TO: Accepted Presenters for the 2020 AJCU Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference: 

* This correspondence is the follow-up intended for those who had a roundtable, workshop, or poster proposal accepted for the 2020 AJCU Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference. *

The AJCU Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference will take place virtually from June 8-June 24, 2021, with a combination of:

(a) 6 plenary sessions* related to the Universal Apostolic Preferences (see schedule below); and

(b) asynchronous posters and poster presentations to replace what would have been roundtables and workshops.

While we want to avoid “Zoom fatigue” for participants, we did not want to exclude the possibility of participation for all the sessions that were accepted and scheduled for the 2020 conference. 

Our purpose in writing is to see if you are interested in offering your session, that was previously accepted, now as a poster or a poster presentation. The 5-minute recorded poster presentation format allows you to present your ideas both orally and in writing and visuals. A sample of what this might look like (with additional explanation) is available at [Pro-Tip: Click the CC button on the bottom right hand side of the video screen for closed captions.] These presentations will be viewable online by all conference registrants during the month of June 2021, and then uploaded to the publicly accessible Georgetown University Institutional Repository for perpetuity. (Uploading for public access will be an option and not required.) 

In terms of content, we understand that since more than 18 months has passed since proposals were submitted, some of your research or work may have changed. We ask that you keep your presentation content as close as possible to the original intent that you expressed in your proposal. 

Please let us know by February 15, 2021 if you intend to participate by submitting a poster or poster presentation for the 2021 virtual Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference via this Google Form. If for some reason you need a copy of the original proposal, email to make that request. 

The poster or poster presentation will be due by Monday, May 10. Required specifications for the poster presentation will be sent to you after you fill out the Google Form, and details for how to submit/upload the poster presentation are forthcoming.

If you have any questions or feedback for the National Steering Committee, please reach out to us at

On behalf of the AJCU National Steering Committee, 

Mike Duffy, University of San Francisco

Joe Orlando, Seattle University

National Steering Committee co-chairs

Joe DeFeo, Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

Susan Harmaan, Loyola University Chicago

Erika Kirby, Creighton University

David Opitz, Loyola University Maryland

Paola Pascual-Ferrá, Loyola University Maryland

Julia Vargas, Rockhurst University

Andria Wisler, Georgetown University

Naomi Yavneh Klos, Loyola University New Orleans

National Steering Committee members

* Plenary sessions will be held during the time block of 2:00pm – 4:30pm EDT on the following dates:

Tuesday, June 8 and Thursday, June 10

Monday June 14 and Wednesday, June 16

Tuesday, June 22 and Thursday, June 24