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Support Minority-owned Businesses

As you are donating: Bailout and mutual aid (COVID relief) funds will benefit most from big donations especially for right now. If you are making a donation to an community-engaged organization, what do you need to do in order to commit to a recurring, monthly donation to that organization?

Donate to Support Black Lives Matter and Protestors

  • As protesters are arrested, if you are able to contribute financially, consider organizations on this spreadsheet which lists the websites of bail funds and resistance movements throughout the country.
  • Interested in splitting your donation across multiple bail funds in need? Use this website.

Donate to Community-based Organizations in Minneapolis

From list of Minneapolis solidarity donations (via Twin Cities DSA):

  • Verified GoFundMe for George Floyd’s family
  • CTUL: Labor organizers focusing on BIPOC and immigrant workers. Their office is half a block from the site of George Floyd’s murder and they have been a core site of suppies and relief efforts to our neighbors in the streets.
  • North Star Health Collective: They do a number of things and in this moment they are providing rock solid street medics.
  • MPD150: To support the ongoing institutional struggle to defund/abolish the police in Minneapolis and beyond.
  • Reclaim the Block: Another excellent police abolition group with a particular focus on shifting municipal budgets away from the state and towards truly needed social services.
  • Black Visions Collective Donations & Supporters: believes in a Minnesota and a country in which ALL Black lives not only matter but thrive. BLVC is dedicated to Black liberation, collective liberation, and to radical and ongoing investment in healing.
  • MN Healing Justice Network/Spiral Collective: long haul care, ongoing trauma response, immediate funds to healers on site at Cup Foods and Moon Palace Medic Relief.