Legacy of a Dream Internship Program

Our Model

Together, Georgetown University’s Office of Government Relations and Community Engagement (GRACE), Office of Student Employment, and Center for Social Justice announce a pilot program through which Federal Work Study (FWS)-eligible Georgetown University undergraduate students can intern with DC-based community organizations whose leaders have been recognized by the University’s annual John Thompson, Jr. Legacy of a Dream Award.

When supporting a Legacy of a Dream (LoaD) Awardee Organization, LoaD Interns use their skills, time, energy, and capacities to support organization as needed and requested. While actual duties vary with each agency placement, the goal is for each Hoya to contribute to the agency’s capacity with their contributions, support, and learning. LoaD interns are expected to be excellent representatives to Georgetown’s commitment to social justice and follow all Student Conduct policies, both on and off campus. Specific position descriptions from participating organizations and their modality (virtual, hybrid, in-person) are in the interest form linked below.

While LoaD Interns actively support and regularly communicate with their Legacy of a Dream Agency, they report to CSJ’s Assistant Director for Mission Integration, Melissa.Bernard@georgetown.edu.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Undergraduate FWS-eligible Hoyas

Eligibility note: Undergraduate students must be Federal Work Study (FWS)-eligible as deemed through their financial aid package to serve as an intern. Students must allocate their Federal-Work Study (FWS) award to this internship.

Interested undergraduate Hoyas should fill out this interest form with a priority deadline of Friday, January 14, 2022.

The application asks students for their preference in placement and their skills. A list of internship placement descriptions is available here. The LoaD committee will make the decisions about placements based on LoaD agency’s needs and the student’s availability and capacities. Students may be contacted for a conversation/interview.

LoaD interns will be eligible for transportation support from the Center for Social Justice.

Legacy of a Dream Awardees

The Legacy of a Dream Internship Program serves as an alignment of several existing Georgetown resources and needs. This Program will: strengthen the John Thompson Jr. Legacy of a Dream (LoaD) Award by supporting Legacy awardee organizations with talented Georgetown students who are committed to social justice work; create a pipeline of work opportunities for Georgetown at highly vetted, impactful and mission-aligned DC non-profit organizations; and leverage available Federal Work Study (FWS) awards to support Legacy awardees in front-line service work that embodies the spirit of Hoyas for Others.

The LoaD organization is responsible for training and supervising each FWS student employee’s activities, and ensuring that work is performed in a satisfactory manner. During periods of regular academic enrollment, it is recommended that a FWS student work 8-10 hours per week; if consistent, this amount of time should allow the student to exhaust their FWS award by the end of the academic year (April 30). Students should not work during semesterly study days and final exam periods. During vacation breaks when classes are not in session, students may work up to 40 hours in that week. FWS student employees are paid on an hourly rate basis for actual hours worked. Students may not be paid for any time spent traveling to or from the work site.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Legacy of a Dream Internship Program, please contact CSJ’s Assistant Director, Mission Integration at Melissa.Bernard@georgetown.edu.