Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service
Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service

UNXD 030-130: Intersections of Social Justice

Intersections of Social Justice is an online learning opportunity offered through Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice. During the Georgetown University Summer School cross-section term, students in UNXD 030-130: Intersections of Social Justice earn 1 credit pass/fail through online, asynchronous reflection and skills-building that wraps around their employment, internship, community-based work, or volunteer commitment anywhere around the world. Intersections students ask ethical questions and apply social justice theories to real world issues in diverse work settings in virtual collaboration with a tight-knit learning cohort. CSJ has limited need-based scholarships to cover some or all of the cost of the 1-credit of tuition. Students are encouraged to express their interest in Intersections early in the Spring 2023 semester to be considered for these limited funds. In Summer 2023, UNXD 030 will be co-taught by Kyra Hanlon and Lionell Daggs III; read more about them!

Our History so far – Intersections 2015 – 2022

Intersections of Social Justice was piloted in summer 2015 with 11 students learning across 10 time zones. Intersections 2015 was made possible by a Future(s) of the University ITEL grant. Watch a short video describing the Intersections pilot and another short video reflecting on Summer 2015. Read about Intersections 2015 in the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Prospect Magazine, and in the ITEL 2015 report (page 11).

Intersections was similarly offered in summers 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 engaging students committed to a diversity of summer work experiences, from researching road safety in Tanzania, to boxing for empowerment in Berlin, to teaching English in Romania, to canvassing for worker justice in Washington, DC. These Intersections communities engaged in 8 weeks of reflection rooted in community-based experiences. 

While Intersections began as a variable credit course, it is now offered as a 1-credit, pass/fail course. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CSJ did not offer Intersections in 2020 so we were especially excited to be back “on the books” with our Hoyas in Summer 2021 and 2022.

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UNXD 030-130 Intersections of Social Justice is part of Georgetown University’s Summer School. Read more here about online and in-person summer course offerings.

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