Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service
Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching & Service


The Social Innovation for Public Service (SIPS) Fund is a commitment by Georgetown to support and invest in innovative ventures that have a social impact and serve the public good. Governed by a student-led Board of students, alumni, faculty and staff members, the SIPS Fund’s mission is to strategically allocate resources to students and alumni dedicated to social innovation and public service. Its priority is to invest where there is the greatest need and where we can have the greatest impact. Whether this manifests itself in providing more opportunities for individual Georgetown students to engage in social justice work, expanding the capacity of Georgetown-founded public service organizations, or helping students and alumni to launch social ventures, SIPS is fully committed to supporting endeavors that enrich global and local communities.

Through a dedicated community of alumni, faculty, students, innovators and public servants, the SIPS Fund works to cultivate ideas and support students by sharing relevant knowledge and experience, connecting students with alumni, and providing resources and a platform from which to broadcast successes. The SIPS Fund facilitates the personal development of its grantees, encouraging them to become reflective lifelong learners and active participants in civic life.

SIPS has a commitment to tap into Hoyas’ diverse gifts and talents, to bolster change-making ideas, to find creative solutions to existing problems and to expand opportunities for student learning, reflection and leadership. Its vision is to use both human and financial capital to further the Jesuit tradition of developing men and women for others. Any and all students who graduated from or are currently enrolled in one of Georgetown’s undergraduate schools, including GU-Qatar, since the class of 2001 (inclusive) are eligible to apply for funding. 

To find out more about how to apply for an award from the SIPS Fund, visit the SIPS Fund webpage or email