Center Operations Interns (COI)

Lauren Amodio

Born and raised in South Florida, I am a first year in the College thinking about studying Sociology. In my free time I love to read and watch thrillers, spend time with friends and family, and crochet!

Sarah Tyree

Sarah Tyree is a junior double majoring in Government and Justice and Peace Studies and is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. Her first introduction to the Center for Social Justice was as a student leader for the First Year Orientation to Community Involvement pre-orientation program, which she enjoyed so much that she has now joined the team as a Center Operations Intern. Outside of the CSJ, Sarah is on the executive board of the Asian American Student Association, hosts a radio show, and likes to listen to podcasts.

Grace Hopkins

Grace Hopkins is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Culture and Politics. She is from a small town outside of Seattle, Washington. Grace has a history of volunteerism and is excited to continue with the CSJ! In her free time, Grace enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and exploring DC.

Miriam Siegel

Miriam Siegel is a freshman in the College, likely studying Sociology. She is originally from the Boston area and participated in the First Year Orientation to Community Involvement pre-orientation program prior to joining the Center Operations Team. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Alexa Panati

Alexa Panati is a sophomore double-majoring in Philosophy and Government in the College. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she’s moved and lived in places all around the world, which has contributed to the global, contextualized approach she brings to questions of social justice. Outside of her passion for social justice and activism, Alexa plays chess competitively, is an avid debater, and loves to write and play piano.

Janeeta Shaukat

Janeeta Shaukat is a Junior in the School of Health majoring in Global Health and minoring in Education, Inquiry, and Justice. She was born and raised in New York but also calls Kashmir home. As a first-generation college student, she is very passionate about educational equity and social justice. She has a variety of experience with the CSJ programs as a past DC reads Coordinator and SIPS and Davis Peace award recipient. She is super excited to work as a COI this year and support all the programs behind the scenes!

Matthew Tierney

Matthew Tierney is a freshman in the College considering a degree in Psychology. Born in Chicago but raised in Denver, Colorado, Matthew joined the CSJ as COI as a way to get involved with social justice initiatives in the Georgetown community. In his spare time, he loves going to concerts, playing basketball, and wandering through stores despite not buying anything.

Edward Sun

Edward Sun is a freshman in the SFS, planning on pursuing International Politics. Hailing from Maryland, he has worked with the Maryland General Assembly and the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System on various community projects. Edward joined the CSJ so he could continue supporting the local community. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to music and podcasts, longboarding, and playing video games.

Alex Goodale

Alex Goodale is a freshman in the College, planning to major in Justice and Peace Studies and minor in Journalism. Originally from the D.C. area, Alex has lived outside of Boston for the past nine years (and, from her experience, she can attest that D.C. is a superior city by far). Alex volunteers for a variety of different organizations which is what inspired her to join the CSJ. Outside of work and volunteering, Alex enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, going to concerts, and hanging out with friends.