Center Operations Interns (COI)

Peris Lopez

Center Operations Intern (Graphic Design)

Peris Lopez is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service focusing her studies at the intersection of art, education, and global equity. She is the oldest of three siblings and is from Tucson, Arizona. Peris hopes to create a curriculum to teach kids through creative expression. She believes the competitive nature of the American school system pressures people to disconnect themselves from humanity. Her efforts aim at dissolving the right/wrong binary by replacing it with open-ended learning methods so that humans progress towards a more equitable, global, community. Peris currently works as a tutor and an artist.

Matthew Thomas, intern

Matthew Thomas

Center Operations Intern
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Matthew Thomas is a junior in the Georgetown College, with a double major in Government and Women’s and Gender Studies and a minor in Sociology. Matthew’s hometown is Sacramento, CA. When he’s not doing hot yoga or trying out new food around Washington, DC, Matthew writes blogs for The Hoya’s 4E and tutors for DC Reads. This will be Matthew’s third year with the Center for Social Justice serving on our Center Operations Intern team.