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  • Teaching the Speeches of Dr. King and Congressman John Lewis

    Georgetown’s MLK: “Let Freedom Ring! Initiative” takes on added significance this year, especially in light of last week’s insurrectionist violence at the U.S. Capitol. Faculty are annually encouraged to “Teach the Speech,” taking a selected speech from Dr. King and incorporating it into courses and other learning activities at the university.

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  • EDITORIAL: Support CSJ Amid COVID-19

    Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service has ensured a commendable commitment to offering its full programming despite facing barriers in the virtual environment. The CSJ has become a model for how Georgetown’s various organizations can operate effectively amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and students and university staff alike should look to its efforts.

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  • Student Campaign Calls on GU to Combat Prison Industrial Complex

    Georgetown University students launched a petition demanding the university divest its endowment from companies associated with the prison industrial complex Aug. 3.

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  • “You Just Have To Continue To Go Back”: Georgetown Ballers Comes Of Age

    In his senior year of high school, Patrick DiPasquale (MSB ’20) visited his cousin at John Carroll University. While there, he joined his cousin for a visit to a local youth jail, where the older boy regularly played basketball as part of a school club. Patrick loved the experience: Everyone was his age, and it was easy to relate to them. When he got home, he started a similar club at his high school.

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  • GUSA Approves Final Club Budget, Delays Empowerment Fund Allocation

    The Georgetown University Student Association Senate unanimously passed the final club budget for the 2021 fiscal year at its online meeting, approving funding cuts to the Student Activities Commission, the Media Board and the Center for Social Justice, among others.

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  • GUSA Cuts SAC Budget, Triggers Club Response

    More than a dozen clubs have signed a letter criticizing a cut to student activities funding, worrying the money squeeze will derail event planning and stymie club activity.

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  • VIEWPOINT: Be an Accomplice

    Every February, I get mixed emotions about Black History Month. I’m not conflicted about the value of recognizing and reflecting on African American history. However, I am concerned that there are still not enough non-Black people who engage in racial justice work daily given the history of racism African Americans have endured for decades. For example, it wasn’t until 2009 that the first African American was elected president of the United States.

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  • Senior Dedicated to Serving Campus and Local Community Receives Recognition

    Emma Berk (C’20) has focused on being a person for others since her first year at Georgetown. Her work with four different service projects led her to receive the university’s prestigious Landegger Award, an honor given to students who have made outstanding contributions to community service. She hopes one day to become a psychologist in a correctional facility.

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  • CSJ Hosts Celebration Events for 5th Social Justice Week

    Georgetown University kicked off its fifth annual week of social justice programming on Tuesday with a schedule of 15 events.

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  • Speaker: Black Activists Must Leverage Social Media

    Activists can harness the power of digital media platforms to raise awareness and bolster the goals of black liberation movements, political scientist Cathy Cohen said at a Feb. 20 event.

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