Read below to learn more about the resources available through the Center for Social Justice to assist students discerning post-graduate service. 

Options Series

The Options Series is a multi-event series in the Fall semester which offers students the space through which to explore and discern postgraduate service opportunities. The events in the series provide undergraduates with opportunities to meet with recruiters from diverse service organizations, and to speak and reflect with alumni who are currently serving or have completed terms of service.

PostGraduate Service 

What kind of work will I be doing if I commit to a postgraduate service program? Do I want to serve abroad or domestically? What financial resources are available if I serve? What will future employers think when they see a year of postgraduate service on my resume? These are some of the questions students ask as they contemplate postgraduate service. Click here to explore these questions and to learn more about postgraduate service programs.

Careers for the Common Good

This event brings together current undergraduate Georgetown students with over 75+ alumni who are working in “Careers for the Common Good”.  Alumni share their career paths, advice, suggestions and lessons-learned to help students find their own path towards a career for common good. Careers fields represented include: Nonprofits, Government, Associations, Service, Health, Development, Environment, Education and many more!