• Financial assistance is available and you are STRONGLY encouraged to apply! You are not automatically considered for a scholarship, you must complete the scholarship application. The scholarship application will only be reviewed by CSJ staff and staff at the Office of Student Financial Services. Please email with any questions.
  • Last year, 100% of students who requested financial assistance received financial assistance. We hope to continue that this year!
What does "Fundraising Required" mean?
  • Fundraising is required for JUHAN Oaxaca, Magis Cuba, Magis Dominican Republic, Magis Kino Border Immersion, and Magis Peru.
  • What is required for fundraising?
    • Participate in group fundraising efforts: 
    • Participate in individual fundraising efforts:
      •  Personalized fundraising plan 
      • + Scholarships
      • + Letters to friends, family, and organizations
      • + Your creative ideas
      • + Budgeting
      • = $750/person
    • Total = $1,000/ person
What does my trip fee include?
  • ​Your trip fee includes all food, lodging, transportation, and immersion activities. If you’d like to spend money on souvenirs, please bring your own funds.
Who can I contact to discuss partnering with ABP?
What immersions require a passport? 
  • All global immersions require a passport for safe travel: JUHAN Oaxaca, Magis Cuba, Magis Dominican Republic, Magis Kino Border Immersion, and Magis Peru. You are responsible for paying the cost of your passport. Please contact if you’d like to discuss financial options.
  • Some global travel may require a visa, depending on your passport. You will receive immersion-specific visa information after your acceptance. As visas may be required for the specific purpose of your ABP-related travel, ABP will cover any visa expenses.
My best friend is in the city we’re going to! Can I take an afternoon or evening off to visit them?
  • All participants will remain with their immersion throughout the entirety of the immersion experience -- all immersions start and end on camus, and solo travel is not permitted. We strongly believe in our ABPillar of “community building” and expect participants to uphold this pillar by committing to meeting with all community partners and building community with fellow participants.
I’m applying for an immersion in DC. Will we be staying on campus?
  • All of our immersions, including lodging, take place off campus. So you’ll have the opportunity to explore a different part of DC! 
What does lodging look like?
  • Lodging accommodations vary by trip but all follow the idea of “living simply.” You might be staying in a church basement, at a hostel, or at a community center or retreat house. You might have a bed or you might sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. You will likely share a room (all staff members get their own room). If you're staying at a hotel, we typically have 4 students per room. If you have specific lodging requests or accommodations, please email
What do I need to bring?
  • You’ll receive a packing list when you’re accepted to a program that includes all necessary items.
I didn’t see the immersion I was looking for…
  • Please email with any immersion-specific questions. If you’re looking for a Magis Pilgrimage, please refer to Campus Ministry’s website.