There are many opportunities to serve in a leadership role with the Alternative Breaks Program. ABP relies on students to develop new trips, volunteer as trip leaders and serve as ABP Board members.  

ABP Board

The ABP Board is a team that works with the Assistant Director of Immersion Programs to help coordinate the CSJ Alternative Breaks trips. Its passionate members work collaboratively with CSJ staff and trip leaders to plan ABP programming and advise individual trips. The Board collaborates on major decisions, whether they fall under mission, marketing, fundraising, or development. Stemming from this collaboration, each Board member takes on individual responsibilities based on his or her role, and also advises a small group of trips. Specific responsibilities of the Board include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating communication among participants, leaders, board, and professional staff;
  • Planning leader-wide meetings and training sessions;
  • Developing the structure and schedule of the planning, pre-trip, and post-trip processes;
  • Planning information sessions for potential applicants;
  • Liaising with on-campus partners; and
  • Developing applications for participants, leaders, board, and new trips.

Serving on the board is a substantial, rewarding time commitment which depending on the schedule of programming. Interested students should consider Board service as a primary commitment, in addition to the time dedicated to planning an ABP trip. The application for the ABP Board is available in the Spring semester. Questions regarding ABP Board positions should be directed to

ABP Trip Leader

ABP trip leaders are the primary planners for all ABP trips, working collaboratively with the ABP Board and CSJ professional staff. Working within the framework of ABP's model of social justice immersion, leaders develop their leadership, project management, and reflection skills. Responsibilities of leaders include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a mission statement for their trip;
  • Identifying and liaising with community partners;
  • Developing a day-by-day itinerary for their trip that includes all programming and meals;
  • Facilitating reflection on their trips;
  • Managing their trip's budget; and
  • Developing several pre-trip and post-trip activities.

Serving as a trip leader is a significant and rewarding time commitment. The time commitment will vary depending on when the trip is scheduled , but planning an ABP trip is one of each leader's primary commitments on campus, lasting a full year. Questions regarding ABP Trip Leaders should be directed to

New Trip Development

ABP's priority is to form and develop quality trips that have a social justice focus. The program is particularly interested in expanding to include trip themes not yet explored. Students may apply alone or with a co-leader in mind. All new trip applications go through an initial screening, and if selected, have an opportunity to work with members of the ABP Board and CSJ team throughout the year to develop ideas for social justice engagement into a trip. The New Trip application is available in the Spring. Questions regarding New Trip Development should be directed to